Wednesday, April 13, 2011


No...I did not fall off the face of the earth, although I am not sure how I went through the whole month of March in an instant. I had some unexpected things arise, such as my grandfather passing away after battling Alzheimer's, the run of the mill colds, and the general laundry and cleaning that can consume a mother. Of course there was a spring break and finally playing outside with the kids, which always makes me smile.
These Easter dresses were inspired by a need to be a little more frugal. So instead of running out to the store, and buying a reasonably priced dress, I made these for free. The idea came from here and it was simple and fast and done in an afternoon! The brown dress came from fabric I had picked up at the local thrift store and the green dress came from what I believe used to be a tablecloth, found at a garage sale. I made a matching headband for the brown dress which I think finishes it off. The girls love them and can't wait till next week, I have to admit I'm pretty happy about them too. I foresee a few more of these type of dresses for the summer.


Cathy said...

How cute! The girls will love them.

Abby said...

Really cute!

Amber said...

Hi Leslie!

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