Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tobacco Pouch

I made a tobacco pouch for my husband a couple of weeks ago that he's been asking me to make for ages. I finally got it accomplished. I used the same tweed flannel that I used for the other pouch and made three pockets inside to hold the pipe, tools and tobacco. The buttons are all vintage from the Czech Republic and folds into thirds and closes with another button. It turned out how I wanted it to the first try. I love it when that happens. I'm hoping to make a couple more here shortly for my Etsy shop. I hope to get a few things made to get my Etsy shop up and running. Of course it's been busy with Halloween and life in general but I'm crossing my fingers it will happen. And for inspiration my labels came in the mail this week! So now I have no excuse to not get started.Of course tomorrow I'm hoping for some Halloween crafts and baking to occur,with a nice walk around the neighborhood since for some reason the weather has decided to go back to fall and not winter and it's been nice to actually be able to go outside without a coat.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It's my father-in-laws birthday today and since I'm trying to make most gifts homemade I had to come up with something for a guy, which is not easy. I'd have to say girls are much easier to make things for it seems like. So I came up with this little pouch to hold the future tobacco pipe I'm sure he'll be getting soon from his son. Now, he doesn't actually smoke, unless with my husband or my brother-in-law and my mother-in-law does not love the pipe but I know it's a male bonding thing so I'm helping him along. The fabric is flannel that looks like tweed and I'm loving making things with it, especially more "manly" things and the button is one from my sister-in-law, again from the Czech Republic. I'm going to be sad when I've used all those up!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Awesome Quilt!

I found this giveaway for this amazing quilt at Pigtails and Snails and I'm hoping to be the lucky winner, but if I'm not maybe you could be! Go check it out and win a quilt. I'm hoping that I'll be able to win the pattern if I'm not lucky enough to get the quilt! Good Luck.


I was able to actually a little bit this weekend. It was a nice weekend to sew with the snow and cold weather. It was a perfect tea and toast weekend. So I finally finished up some dresses I had cut out for the girls last winter. Thankfully I cut the pieces out bigger so they still fit them. I like the colors quite a bit but I'm not in love with the puffy sleeves. I think they look a little like prairie girls. But they're still cute. Now I need to work on the numerous other sewing projects on my list!It was a tad harder to get my second daughter to stand still long enough to take a picture so it turned out a little blurry. That girl will only stand still for about five seconds, she's just a ball of energy!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ribbon and Yarn

I just received the ribbon I purchased from rosapomar and it is amazing. It's my first overseas purchase and I love the elephants. My second daughter loves elephants so I'm thinking of a cute skirt with ribbon trim. It also came with a cute postcard of the dolls she makes. What a talented lady!While I was in Billings I did a lot of fabric and craft shopping with my sister-in-law. I picked up this great yarn while out and I can't wait to think of something to use it for. It is so soft and cozy, I think it would make a wonderful neckwarmer. Of course I need to keep working on my knitting skills so maybe just a scarf.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tea Cozy

It's my mom's birthday tomorrow so I knitted up a cozy for her mug to go with her favorite tea. I'm still very much a beginner when it comes to knitting but I enjoy how peaceful it is. For this cozy I used organic cotton and a vintage button my awesome sister-in-law brought me from the Czech Republic. Tomorrow I'm going to Billings to see said sister-in-law with the kids and I'm so excited. I can't wait to hit the fabric stores and hopefully with luck some estate auctions.

Sewing Machine Cover

I saw this tutorial on a sewing machine cover and decided I needed one too. It gets quite dusty in my basement so I definitely needed to cover my machine up. This was a really easy tutorial to follow and it turned out great. The only thing I modified was the box corners because my Bernina machine was larger on one end than the other. I just made a bigger box corner for the larger end and it fit perfectly. I also added a different coordinating fabric around the bottom and I didn't make a liner, because I thought it'd be quicker. It took a short amount of time and blocks those pesky dust bunnies.


Everywhere we go the girls collect things. It's amazing how many sticks, rocks, and leaves I have on my front porch at this moment. So when my oldest daughter was going to the mountain for a preschool field trip I decided she needed a bag to put those treasures in. And if one has a bag than the other needs a bag. Thus the treasure bags. My next goal is to think up some things to sew for my 16 month old son. It's much easier to find things to sew for girls than for boys. I may need to learn how to sew a truck.As you can see the older sister has already become quite the expert at posing.

Doll Clothes

The girls were begging for new outfits for there dolls so instead of going and buying some we made some at home. The girls picked out the fabric they wanted and I sewed them up. They even have cute bloomers underneath you can see peaking out in the picture. It was a lot less work than I thought it would be so I'm hoping to make some more outfits maybe for Halloween and Christmas to match the girls.


My second daughter started preschool this fall so I made her a doll backpack for her first day of school. She takes it everyday and puts her stuffed animals inside and hauls it to school. I love when she puts it on her back and the feet are dangling on her back, I just think it's so cute! I'm planning on making some more of these for my Etsy shop. I'm hoping to get that going here shortly.

Sewing Room

I had a sewing room in our old house but I love this room much more. The previous owner used it to tie flies and other manly pursuits and I've turned it into my own girly space. It still has a little bit to go. I need to get some more shelves for my fabric and to maybe paint but every time I go in there it makes me happy to see my things displayed and accessible. It makes me much more excited about sewing and spending time in there!The cat likes it too!

Back to Blogging

Well, we have successfully moved! We moved in July and got settled in and now we're enjoying being in the same town as the grandparents. Wow, is that nice! So I've been neglecting this blog but I'm back in the swing of things and I actually have been doing some sewing so I'll be doing a couple of posts today of my projects. But for now I leave you with the vintage doll I got at a garage sale that also came with some lovely, hand sewn, vintage doll clothes.