Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Creative Space

Over the weekend I found a cute little metal stand that fit perfectly in my sewing room for all my girls stuff. So this week my oldest has been diligently organizing and arranging her already growing sewing supplies at the tender age of five. My heart swells to see her work and it was a very peaceful day as we worked side by side in silence intent on making our own spaces beautiful.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Book Sling and a De-Clutter

It's been a year since we've moved into our house and I've been promising I'd decorate the girls room for about that long. So I finally told myself it would be done before school started again and I got my behind in gear. I'm not a person that decorates where the whole room is mono-thematic. I'm more of an eclectic kind of gal so it won't win any martha stewart awards but it's functional and fun and the girls are happy. The girls being happy on the top of that list.

So I painted and hung and most importantly de-cluttered. My husband came up with a grand system that allowed the girls control of their stuff and also let us get rid of a lot of stuff. I think we may have actually gotten rid of half of their toys. The system works by giving them a chance to pick their top three toys. Once they've picked those toys those toys are "safe". Then we pick three toys to give away. If they decide they would rather have one of the toys we chose they have to give us one of their three toys first. Then we let them pick another three toys and on the system goes. It really worked out beautifully. No crying or tantrums and now their room is a clutter free zone. Now if I can keep stuff from coming in.....Book Sling with a very sleepy kitty

In an effort to keep the hundreds of books off of the girls beds at night I decided they both needed a book sling for easy access to their favorite books. I got the wonderful tutorial from PennyCarnival and it worked great. It also makes the room have one more decorating element that I really like.Her bed after the de-clutter......

I think a glass of ice tea and a rocking chair is now calling my name.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Creative Space

I've been enjoying my blogging break, playing with kids, house projects and general summer fun! Our end of the summer is in high gear and we're planning lots of memory making events before our oldest heads off to kindergarten. But I thought I'd pop in and show the little bit of what I've been doing for our upcoming farmers market.

A 3birdies banner for my table.

A market bag

Some stamped produce bags. The stamps are by WhimsybyJess and she has a great selection in her shop!

On a side note thank you to Christina for letting me know about my comments snafu. If you've tried to comment it's possible it didn't work or I didn't get it. So I think I've got all the bugs worked out now. That's what I get for messing with what was working.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthday Skirt

Went to a great birthday party for a cute one year old. I whipped up this skirt to go with her gift and I think I need to get some more elephant fabric. Also makes me a bit sad my little girls aren't so little anymore.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Life has a way of sneaking up on you and catching you in a moment that makes everything just stand still. We went camping over the fourth and had a great time playing, eating and enjoying the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. On the last night camping, after the kids had finally closed their eyes, I sat looking at the fire and just could not believe how fast the last few years had gone by. It's been a whirl wind of babies, moving and growing as a family. And these precious moments with the kids will never come back. So in an effort to refocus I plan on just writing when the whim takes me and embracing the life that calls for taking care of runny noses, tickling toes, reading books, and snuggling. May I look back when I'm at the end of this whole parenting thing and know I was there, I was engaged and I took the time to just be.