Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Life has a way of sneaking up on you and catching you in a moment that makes everything just stand still. We went camping over the fourth and had a great time playing, eating and enjoying the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. On the last night camping, after the kids had finally closed their eyes, I sat looking at the fire and just could not believe how fast the last few years had gone by. It's been a whirl wind of babies, moving and growing as a family. And these precious moments with the kids will never come back. So in an effort to refocus I plan on just writing when the whim takes me and embracing the life that calls for taking care of runny noses, tickling toes, reading books, and snuggling. May I look back when I'm at the end of this whole parenting thing and know I was there, I was engaged and I took the time to just be.


edward and lilly said...

Sounds like perfect parenting to me. That lake looks so peaceful and relaxing *sigh*.