Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vintage Finds and Knitting Organizers

Estate sales are my best friend. I could spend all day at one estate sale digging and digging to find those special treasures. What I especially love about estate sales is getting home and digging through the boxes and finding things I didn't even know were there and loving them! My sister-in-law also has a special fondness for estate sales and is always kind enough to look out for things I may like. These two particular items I just received from her I love. One is old felt banners from national parks. Because our sons room is decorated in a old wilderness theme these are perfect. I can't wait to decorate with them. The next one is paper dolls with clothes. They are so cute and although I know the girls would love them I'm saving them for when they get a little older (or secretly for myself).I've been busy trying to develop a couple of products that the local knitting store may carry. So far it's gone pretty well and that means I was able to put a few more things in my shop. I'd have to say I'm really partial to this sheep fabric I got from Japan. I need to find more because it's so darn cute.


Michelle said...

I sort of want to collect knitting needles just so I will have need of a cute sheep knitting organizer, but I am so bad at knitting. Well done with the pattern, they turned out really well.

Leslie said...

I know I was really tempted to keep the sheep one for myself. I may have to get some more fabric and make one for me.

Michelle said...

We must make a time for etsy shopping so we can make combined orders.