Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fancy Tiger and the Avett Brothers

There were two things that really were at the top of my list for amazing experiences. One, was obviously the concert seeing the Avett Brothers. Wow, are they good in concert! They not only sounded good but were really fun to watch. It was so warm and we were so close we could see the sweat dripping from their fingers as they played. I know nice picture, huh? But it felt pretty amazing to be right up there. Really I think they may be my favorite band and when I hear songs like this it makes me want to see them all over again.

One of the other great experiences was an amazing fabric shop we found while touring around Denver. Living in a more rural area with not a lot of selection means I get most of my fabric online. Buying online is just not the same experience as touching and seeing all the fabulous fabrics in person. The store was beautiful, really beautifully laid out with an amazing selection of fabrics and patterns. It may be a good thing I don't live too close, that could be a very bad thing. But I am planning on going to it again next week when I just happen to be in Denver for a wedding. I'm planning on taking my mother so she can check out how fantastic it is, and as a bonus I get to go again! So if you ever happen to be in Denver please do yourself a favor and go check out Fancy Tiger! It's well worth the trip! And if you happen to be half way around the world never fear they even have an Etsy shop.


Cathy said...

I'm bringin' my credit card!

Anonymous said...

I agree about seeing and touching the fabrics but I find I can't part with my money quite as easily as when I buy online. Must be me kidding myself that I'm playing with Monopoly money!

fancytiger said...

Thanks Leslie! We are glad you liked our shop!