Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Face Lift

For the first time on 3Birdies this is Michelle. Leslie mentioned a while back that I would be sharing some of my creations and I am finally able to contribute. My husband has promised me a remodeling of a small studio in our backyard. I have lovingly named this soon to be space my Craft Shack and am anxiously awaiting construction in May. To tide myself over till then I have been working on refinishing projects to furnish my new space. My first project is a sad old stool I got from a house our friends are moving into. It had been left behind and was asking for a new home and some tlc. I jumped at the chance of giving it a face lift because it reminded me of a stool I remember my Grandma having in her kitchen that I was always assigned to sit on at big family dinners. I am extremely pleased with the result and though it is not a historically accurate redo I think that I have given the stool back its dignity.


Leslie said...

I love that stool! I'm keeping an eye out for me to redo!