Thursday, February 5, 2009

Project Bag

I'm feeling on top of my game today so I'm hoping that translates into a productive afternoon of sewing. One of the reasons I'm feeling a bit more energized is I finally got out of bed and took the dog for a walk this morning before the kids were awake. There's something about walking in silence down tree lined streets in the early morning, it's a great way to start the day.
I had picked up an old project bag at the thrift store awhile ago so that I could use the handles for a new project bag. I gave the handles to my dad to paint and used the fabric my sister had given me from the quilt museum in Nebraska for the outside and fabric from Ecuador on the inside. My dad painted the handles a reddish-orange and glued old coins on the outside. My favorite coin is the one from New Zealand for sure. My husband and I dream of going there. It turned out well, except I think I should've made it a bit wider on the bottom. But now it fits one projects worth of knitting or other small sewing project and it's nice and bright and cheery. Just what I need on gloomy winter days.