Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shopping List Saturday

It's been cold and windy here this week which has allowed for a lot of tea and couch time. We've all been fighting various degrees of colds as well so it's been a week of trying to slow down. And during that slow down I've been listening to a lot of Bon Iver. This shopping list is inspired by his songs, for some reason when I listen to him I think of woods and solitude.1. T-Shirt Hoody by circleandsquares I love this design, it's a old plane dropping deer into the forest, how cute is that? Plus this month their apparel is 30% off!
2. Pine Forest soap by Neptune Kiss This soap has such a great design and is perfect for bringing a little of the outdoors inside.
3. Tree and Pine cone necklace by mollyheltsleydesigns This necklace is so beautiful. I love the pinecone dangling on the end.
4. Indian Pipes by NatureOnPaper I love this print. I really like how the white flowers stand out from the brown background. She also has a lot of other fabulous prints in her shop.
5. Pedestal with birds and pom-poms by catherinereece The design on this pedestal is just so simple and lovely.
6. A room of ones own print by swallowfield I think this print would look great in a child's room. The perfect imaginary place.

Please visit Fancypicnic for more great shopping lists!
May you have a lovely Valentine's and a wonderful weekend!


edward and lilly said...

Oooh, so many lovely things. I love the tshirt hoody, it's so cool!

Shannon Duffy said...

Welcome to "the list"! love swallowfield! nice group.

Shannon Duffy said...

oh no wrong birdies...silly me.

Leslie said...

I love the t-shirt hoody too.

Jane said...

Those are just beautiful!

littlebird said...

Mmmmm i am off to check out circleandsquare's shop, great shopping list : )