Friday, March 6, 2009

Book Sling Giveaway

Photo by Megan of Penny Carnivial
Megan of Penny Carnival is having a fabulous giveaway of this book sling. She'll use whatever fabric you would like if you're the lucky winner. I love this idea and hope to use it in my son's room if I don't happen to win. She also has them for sale in her etsy shop. Go check her out!

And now I'm off to finish packing and cleaning my house. I don't really know why I always have to have my house clean before I leave on a trip. I mean it's dirty thirty seconds after we walk in the door with all our luggage. Maybe it's like always wearing clean underwear in case of an accident. I'd hate to have people come into our house for some unexpected reason and see the chaos that we usually inhabit living with three small children. Either way it makes me a little sane and comforts my type A personality.