Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Fabric

My son will be turning two in June and since he's definitely getting out of the baby stage I figured it was time I got on the ball and made his baby quilt. Now in my defense I have been "thinking" about what kind of quilt I'd like to do for quite some time and I've gotten sidetracked by numerous quilt ideas that haven't really fit. A little background here might be helpful. All three of my children have birds as their middle names, the first one Wren, second Jay and the last one is Kestrel. Hence the name for my shop, 3Birdies.For my quilt for Wren I used all desert colors such as golds, browns and reds since she's named after the Canyon Wren. For Jay I made a quilt out of mountain colors such as lilacs, blues and greens. And they actually received their quilts shortly after they were born, before I knew much about their personality. But for Kestrel I was distracted by beautiful car fabric for quite awhile since he loves anything that moves and totally forgetting about my "theme". But I'm back on the wagon now and have just received the most beautiful jelly roll Arcadia by Sanae for Moda. I bought it from this lovely Etsy shop. It's perfect. Since Kestrels live in the grasslands or prairie this collection matches perfectly and I can't wait to get started. Have I mentioned it's perfect? No more excuses, I need a quilt before he's an official toddler! And now I will stop rambling on about the history of my little "birds". ~Leslie


Michelle said...

I love your little "birdies" and I can't wait to see the quilt!

KnittedTeaParty said...

thats such a lovely idea- i'm sure when your birdies grow up they will really treasure thier quilts... I love the colours of the last one!