Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shopping List Saturday

Well, it's taken me a bit to get back into the swing of things after our vacation but this week I got on the ball and finally feel some semblance of normalcy returning. Unfortunately, we also experienced 18 inches of snow and blizzards this week which was quite a shock for us short wearing folks the day before the blizzard hit. It's a weird thing to one day be digging in your garden and the next day to be shoveling snow. But I guess that's weather in the west for you.
I've been working on my son's room which is kind of a vintage camping theme and also just wishing I could be camping this week so my shopping list this week is inspired by all things camping.
1. Little Camper Tee by Mountainavenbaby I simply love this cute tee. The design is so sweet! She also has other amazing kids clothing in her shop!
2. Camper Tea Towels by Leannegraeff These tea towels are perfect for a cabin or even a pop-trailer. In fact I think mine may need them!
3. Airstream Necklace by Rippledesign This necklace is perfect for someone who loves to camp. Such a neat idea.
4.Volkswagon Camper print by OldSchoolStationers This print is just awesome! I love the vintage feel.
5. Hudson Bay sewing box by levinsons This is just such a unique idea. It's a sewing box with a canoe pincushion and emery "campfire" with other sewing goods included. Lovely.
6. Fishing Bear Jr. Ranger Print by YeeHaw I love this print and I think it would be perfect in a little boys room. They have other camping critters in their shop a collection of them would look great.

Please go check out other fantastic shopping lists through fancypicnic. There's some great Etsy sellers out there!
I hope your weekend is warm and sunny!


Jane said...

Those are awesome items! Love that VW camper print and the Hudson Bay Company sewing box!

edward and lilly said...

Oh, this is such a great list! I didn't get around to doing mine this weekend, oh well next time.

Shannon Duffy said...

Before I needed car seats....I drove a VW Bus. Im getting sentimental. Nice list.

'fancypicnic' said...

Ditto Shannon...(vw campervan)!
Love that camper print. Great theme xx