Monday, October 5, 2009

Ears Pinched

Last year my oldest daughter who had just turned five at the time announced she wanted to get her ears "pinched". Someone in her class had earrings and she wanted them too. After a little discussion we came up with a solution of when she could get them done. Because there wasn't an arbitrary age we could think of that would say "old enough to have ears pierced" we came up with a way for her to earn it. And a year later she has earned the right to get her ears pierced by writing her address, dialing her phone number and tying her shoes.This past weekend I took her to get them pierced. She had a minor breakdown caused by fear so we went to my parents house, had pancakes, talked about piercing for an hour, went back and got them pierced. Second time round she was very calm and handled it very well. I guess she just needed to talk it out for awhile. She of course loves them and I'd have to say I think they're pretty cute too. As a parent it's fun to see my kids have some of the same memories I have as a kid.


DangAndBlast! said...

Cute! I think my parents did something like that for me.... and then my little sister and I were flower girls in a wedding, so my sister -- without having to work for it at all! -- got hers pierced too. Can you tell I'm still a bit grouchy over that? :) I like your photo, as well.

Emily said...

very cute! I was about the same age when I got my ears "pinched". I'm curiouse to hear if you talked about grandma and her piercings? ;)