Monday, October 12, 2009


This past weekend was my husband's family reunion. I threw a baby shower for his sister and we had a great time laughing and playing games. I have photos coming soon.

Last week I spent some time getting some Halloween accessories made for the shop and the girls. The girls are counting down the days until they get to dress up as musketeers!Found in the shop.


Christina Lowry said...

Awwww, their hair clips are so cute! The fabric, the buttons, great combinations! It is a shame we don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia. It seems like such fun. I will remember to buy sweets this year though. There are a few children in our street who knocked last year but we had no candy. They had no costumes on though. What are the rules?!

Don't forget to show us their musketeers costumes! Sounds intersting.