Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I have a confession....I may have kept my oldest daughter home from school today just so we could build forts and make cookies.
My youngest daughter has been suffering from flu like symptoms the last couple of days. To be honest we all have been a bit under the weather. There is major flu nastiness spreading in our neck of the woods and having a husband who teaches and kids in school it was just a matter of time that it reared its ugly head in our house. Luckily, the fever has been easily controlled with Tylenol and the kids are amazingly resilient to illness.So even though my oldest wasn't really very ill we kept her home so everyone could sleep in, lounge in pajamas and enjoy each others company.This morning was spent making beds on the living room floor, making sure to include favorite stuffies. I love that even though my oldest daughter is in school she still luggs her favorite animals around the house, tucks them in, and cuddles up close. My younger daughter also got her favorite toy and tucked it in close on the couch. A very cozy and warm picture this morning, even with the coughing and sniffling.


sophie said...

I had a little bit of that on Thursday, daughter number 2 was a little bit sick and we just had a nice cuddly day watching movies! Everyone needs an RnR day every now and then!

Jill said...

Don't blame you one bit!!! Thanks for sending me your link.