Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This is my last installment of Christmas sewing.....I think. Last but not least was my son who needed an outfit to match the adventure game my husband had made for him. The game consists of flashlights, cards, cave music and searching for lost treasure. Perfect for a little boy. So I made him a vest with lots of pockets out of suede and a satchel to match. I didn't have a pattern for his since it was a little last minute. I just took one of his sweater vests as an estimate for the vest and added pockets on the front. For the satchel I just made a simple messenger type bag and shrunk it to fit him. All in all it turned out pretty cute. My husband was convinced he needed a genuine Pith helmet to top it off. It also turns out no one makes pith helmets for 2 year olds so he can be comforted in the fact he can wear his hat when he graduates from high school.