Friday, January 29, 2010

A Project.....Right Now!

When I was sifting through my blog reader I came across this post by Craftzine for fabric corkboard mosaics. And while I usually read these projects and bookmark them for a later date, usually forgetting I even did so, I decided I needed to do this project...RIGHT NOW. So that's exactly what I did. I did not have circular corkboard, although I'm sure I could've cut circles if I was really ambitious from my square board. I threw them all together in less than an hour, hung them up and am truly happy to have a little more organization going on in my house.First I made a square board for my daughters room next to their desk for art, etc. Because it was bigger than the circles shown in the tutorial I simply used another nail on the bottom.Up next was my sewing room. I have a huge wall of peg board put in from the previous owners that I love but also can be a little unattractive. Adding a few fabric boards did the trick to make it feel a little more inspired. Although I think eventually the peg board needs to be painted. Can you paint peg board once it's hung? Any thoughts?Anyway, super easy project and super cute. What more can one ask for?


jek-a-go-go said...

oh lookie! they make pretty squares! thank you for sharing!

grandma c said...

Paint your pegboard! It makes it look so much less garage basement decor. I painted mine with melamine paint (resists scratches better and is scrub-able - so it's really durable). It looks like specialized custom storage rather than junk. Our hardware store has an item that goes on special quite frequently that is a 2x4 sheet of peg board that is thicker than the usual stuff. This is 1/4" thick rather than 1/8" so it feels really sturdy. I also prefer that has the larger holes/hooks because they seem more substantial.
About painting it once it's up - I think it would work just fine - but if there are only a few screws holding it up I'd suggest taking it down just to make the painted surface stay flat - the paint won't run down and make lumpy streaks on your nice smooth painted surface. I am about to paint another 2 or 3 pieces to hang horizontally (longest side parallel to floor) over each "wing" of my corner computer table and In a couple of other places.