Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Head Scarf

With the new year I've been feeling like I needed some changes and what better way than to do something new with my hair. But since I'm trying to grow my hair out I settled on hair decorations. I found this great tutorial here by AlteredCloth. The site had a couple of different tutorials for scarfs and headbands. I made the version 1 head scarf and love it! I made mine 13 by 16.5 inches so mine is a little long. However, I did discover that I could fold it in on itself and make it shorter and then expand it when needed. So really it's like two head scarfs in one. The picture below is my attempt at a self portrait showing the scarf folded in half. And you can also see my retro 60's wallpaper from my bathroom in the background....
The fabric is echino, bird and berry. It's double gauze and it is really wonderful as a head scarf because it's not too bulky.


Abby said...

Really cute!