Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Ultimate Hat

I have a confession...I am not a great knitter. I just picked up knitting a couple of years ago and I'm still stuck in the hat-scarf phase. Honestly, there's just a lot of terms and patterns that intimidate me. But when I found this hat pattern on Ravelry, I thought "I understand all these terms and it looks more complicated than it really is, perfect." I knitted this over a couple of days and I absolutely love this hat. Mostly because it actually looks good on me. I am not a hat person, most hats make me look weird or downright ugly, this hat however does not! So really what more could you ask for in a hat, fairly simple and attractive.
For those who care the pattern is by Sleepy Eyes and the yarn I used is Malabrigo-Milonga.

On a side note all three children have come down with some fever, cold grossness and so now my day is being filled with administering medicine, juice and comfort. Sometimes being forced to slow down can be a very good thing.


Cathy said...

I'm not a hat person either but I love that hat and the colors!

Leslie said...

The colors definitely make the hat. I'm already planning on getting some more for some fingerless gloves!