Friday, April 3, 2009

Refurbished Bench


AfterI bought this bench for my girls vanity almost a year ago at a second hand store. It only cost me five bucks and I figured I could redo it. I finally got around to tackling it and it turned out fairly well. I learned a few things in the process for sure. I learned that trying to upholster something by yourself guarantees that the fabric won't be as tight as it should be. I also learned that I needed to cut the foam and fabric a little more exact to prevent bunching.
But for my first attempt I'm pretty happy. And since it's in a little girls room right now I figure I'll probably be reupholstering it in the future anyway. It was a good first lesson.

On a side note: This morning I left the my son and daughter in the kitchen to eat cereal while I settled on the couch with a cup of coffee and a magazine. I heard them laughing and giggling and thought, "Ah, how sweet". Soon however I heard splashing, and as you can guess splashing should not be occurring in the kitchen. I walk in to find that my son has dumped the contents of his bowl on the table and is beating it with his hand as his sister laughs hysterically. To say the least there were milk splatters everywhere, especially on the culprits! My son has discovered the tried and true rule of a toddler, "Who needs to eat when you can make a mess."


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie

Great job at the refurbishment. I am yet to tackle my sewing desk, but I won't be doing any upholstery work. I am keen to do white legs as well. Cath Kidston oil cloth for the top. Will just wait and see.

x Catherine