Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shopping List Saturday

With all this cold spring weather around here I guess I've been feeling like cuddling up on the couch. And these cute softies are perfect to cozy up with, young or old!

1. pip Squeak by ManicMuffinTotes: I love how cute this little mouse is. The ears are just so sweet.
2. Frances by madebymaisie: This doll has the cutest eyes. The fabric body is also just charming!
3. Lapin de Lune by loulouandoscar: This bunny would be perfect for Easter, a perfect toy to cuddle with!
4. Pink and Green Hippo by twolittlebanshees: The fabric on this hippo is just amazing! I may need this hippo for myself.
5. Blue Matroyoshka Russian Doll by sweettweets: This sweet sleeping doll is so lovely. A great toy for a little girl.
6. Giraffe stuffie by Katedurkin: These giraffes are so cute! I especially like the natural colors. She also has darling owls and whales in her shop.

Please be sure to check out other amazing shopping lists at fancypicnic. Have a cozy weekend!


littlebird said...

i love the wee mouse and the hippo and the giraffe.. oh who am i kidding they are all lovely!

Jane said...

All of those are just adorable! Love 'em.

Kristen said...

Oh my, how CUTE!!! I'll take one of each :)

madebymaisie said...

Thank you so much for featuring my Frances Maisie doll. She is a sweetie!

I love your shopping list. I off to check out all their etsy stores right now.

x Catherine

Chocolate and Steel said...

so cozy! love the giraffes:)

edward and lilly said...

cute! so many of my favourite crafters in this list :)

Leslie said...

Thanks for all of your lovely comments!

loulouandoscar said...

What a lovely round up of softies, I am so proud to see my little Lapin in such company. Thank you so very much for featuring my work on your lovely blog.
Best wishes,