Thursday, January 22, 2009

Girly Style Wardrobe

I got this book in the mail a few days ago and even though I haven't actually made any patterns from it yet I'm in love with it. I have high ambitions of decking out my girls in cute clothes for this spring and summer. (Of course if I do that then I need to find some patterns for my boy. If you have any suggestions for cute patterns for boys let me know.) I've been looking at this book for awhile and I'm glad I finally used my Christmas money and bought it. It has beautiful photos and the illustrations look very easy to follow if you have basic sewing skills, which is good since I have sewing skills but no Japanese reading skills. I bought this book from YesAsia and was able to get free shipping when I bought a book for my sister-in-law on how to make felt sweets. I am hoping I get lots of felt sweets in the mail...hint hint. I looked for this book also on Etsy but I wasn't able to find it. My two favorite Etsy shops for Japanese fabric and books are good-ness and cottonblue. Check them both out because they have amazing things and they're always adding new stuff.
My camera's battery has died so as soon as it's recharged I'll post pictures of the inside. All I can say is Gorgeous!


Cathy said...

Oops, I still have your other camera. I'll get it to you this weekend!

'fancypicnic' said...

Ooh, now, I've been looking at these books in an ebay shop. I must take the plunge!