Friday, January 23, 2009

Shopping List Saturday

I have been taking a knitting class the last few Saturdays so yarn and patterns have been on the mind. These are some great things for any knitter or maybe for someone who would like to become one.1. Monster Yarn Holder by PopsieDaisy This holder is so cute. You just put the yarn in the back pull the thread through the eyelet and zip it up, ta da yarn is contained. Genius!
2. Illusion Wool Felted Pendant by USF379 I had to include this beautiful pendant. I'd love to learn have to felt wool and this is darling.
3. Rusty Red Knitting Needles by Chelle Because sometimes it's nice to have a little color while knitting. She also has a large selection of other designs on knitting needles in her shop.
4. Button and Scarf Knit Pattern by ILiveonaFarm I love this pattern and especially the colors of yarn! This may be my next knitting project.
5. Aqua Glass Stitch Markers by HeyButtons These stitch markers are an amazing color and for some reason when I'm knitting it's nice to slide over a pretty marker instead of a plain plastic one.
6. Knitting Tote Bag by thefunkybaglady A bag for all those knitting supplies, and the red accents and lettering are great!

Go check out all the other people's Saturday lists on FancyPicnic! Have a great weekend I'm feeling truly knitting inspired.


ann-marie said...

What a beautiful list- thanks so much for adding my knitting bag to it :)
have a great weekend!

Hey Buttons ! said...

Thank you for featuring my markers:)

That yarn monster is so to go see the shop!

edward and lilly said...

Great selections, good luck with the knitting!

Jane said...

Those are great selections. That "knitting" bag is very tempting!

'fancypicnic' said...

Wish I could that pattern!
One more craft to try this year I think....and those markers are good enough to wear!

Great choices xx