Friday, January 16, 2009

Shopping List Saturday

I decided to go with a bird theme for this Saturday's shopping list. It seemed that all this week on Etsy things with birds have been catching my eye, and with my name being 3Birdies and all I thought it very apropo.
1. Winter Birds on Branch by Singlestonestudios I've been eying several different vinyl wall decors and I can picture this one in a dining room or even kitchen setting. Very cool!
2. Linen Passport Cover by mystudio I love the look of the screenprinted geese. Her other bags and such in her shop are just as nice!
3. Scented Bird by edwardandlilly This cute bird has already been sold but I linked to her other scented bird that is still scented with lavender but is a beautiful blue. These birds are so cute and smell nice too!
4. Linen Bird Bag by brezomayo Can you tell I like bags? I love the embroidery and colors on this purse. She also has other lovely bags in her shop.
5. Birdie Pocket Mirror by MadisonCraft Every girl needs a cute mirror when they are on the go and MadisonCraft's are a steal at only $4.50. Need I say more?
6. Mini Tree Quilt by Allthenumbers I have had this one in my favorites for awhile. The red bird really makes the whole thing amazing. She also has a bigger version of this quilt in her shop.

Shopping List Saturday has been great for me even though this is only my second week. It's just nice to see what other Etsyians are doing and creating and I've loved the other people's lists as well. There's just so much good and inspirational stuff out there! If you want to see what other people are putting on their shopping list be sure to head over to FancyPicnic, the lovely lady who started it all, and scroll through everyone's list. A great way to spend a Saturday morning if I do say so myself.


Jane said...

I love the bird theme! Very nice selection!

edward and lilly said...

Thank you so much for the feature :)

'fancypicnic' said...

I love birds, too - love the vinyl decal...and edwardandlilly's birds are fab! I had a red one just before Christmas and popped it on our tree; so many people commented on it! I should get a few more and have them out all year!

'fancypicnic' said...

ps - glad you're enjoying the Shopping Lists!

Half an Acre said...

very pretty list!
Mine this week was bunny related because of my sock bunny shop!