Thursday, January 15, 2009


Over the Christmas holiday my husband and I decided it was time to organize all those nooks and crannies in our house that we just kind of threw junk into when we moved in last summer. Our house was built in the 1920's and although it doesn't have a ton of square footage it does have an amazing amount of storage. They even built drawers that pull out of the stairs for goodness sake! So there were shelves built to organize the numerous boxes of craft supplies, hooks hung, and things tossed. One of things that was made was a fabric covered bulletin board to hang in our kitchen to hang important notes and all the art work that daily fills our house. This was actually the husbands idea so I can't claim credit but I did help with the fabric selection and push pins. It's very easy to do yourself if you need one. We just bought a large bulletin board at our Office Depot, which is going out of business so we got a deal. We took the cheesy frame off the edges and then covered it with a cotton/linen blend I had down in my sewing room. The fabric was stapled with a staple gun to the back and then screwed into the wall. We did put a screw in the middle since it seemed a little wobbly in the middle and it was complete. I covered some buttons with some scrap fabric and glued on push pins and we were ready for business. It's been great to have a large space to display artwork without having just a plain brown board.I had to include my oldest daughters kitty because it's so darn cute...can you tell I'm a proud mama?